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Many moons, electricity outages, Internet interruptions, sociopolitical uprisings, socioeconomic crisis, and turbulent seasons have passed since PharohsHouse went into renewal hiatus. Unlike this world, this is a renewal not a repeat. For, there are many additions and changes to original features which may look familiar, like the AskPharoh forum. Instead of a blog articles section, I have added a Timeline for site updates, pertinent information, upcoming events and of course articles relevant to your world. Basically it's a blog. Newly added features include a services calendar that gives you access to booking private appointments with me. The focus of my work is still the same, to help you progress forward in this life and beyond. Speaking of my services, former client-student testimonials are another new feature, and you get to add your story to the anthology, plus some self-promotion for a positive cause! Yes, I will be seeking other health repair professionals to offer their services through PharohsHouse. I added online e-book and multimedia libraries as well as an academy that's set to launch in "2021". Find the libraries by clicking on "Explore" in the main menu above this article. You can also contact PharohsHouse with your questions about contributing materials, enrollment, course offerings, or becoming an instructor for PharohsHouse. 

A media chat room provides a perfect console for discussions, webinars, presentations, as well as for both private and public classroom time. Access to the media chat requires a subscription, as do many features on this site. But don't get discouraged most features are free at PharohsHouse. There is a paid subscription that offers many perks in addition to helping pay for bandwidth because 99% of all content (books, audio-visual media, streaming, etc) is now hosted onsite. Did you notice 2 menu navigation bars across the top of your screen? The very top is called a "Toolbar menu." I made it a "sticky" menu that remains in view so that you can always find your way to the most vital control components for this site. If English is not your main language or you just feel like practicing another language, a page translation module is stationed right where you can easily access it, on the top toolbar menu. Feel free to test it at your leisure. The main menu is just below PH's site logo. On it, you'll find key components of this site. Shop-iT is a more intuitive online store, discounted service plans, my favorite water purifiers, and service to customize-your-own personal Podisode!

So much more than time has passed while I renewed PH. A near worldwide revolution, strange encounters worthy of a movie script, moving to interesting places, 3 hurricanes, and lots of care from so many wonderful sources have influenced the journey for the new One thing is certain if nothing else, We will grow beyond all challenges as long as we participate and cooperate, respecting Most High's natural order.


Did you think I'd forget about my Podisodes? How could I when so many of you have kindly  come here to experience them? When I recorded the very first Podisode, I endeavored to make them thirty minutes of knowledge with unlimited topic potential, and so they have remained. Past and present Podisodes are available for your review and or download with one caveat: you will find all past Podisodes in subscriber's only archive. A subscription plan is extremely affordable and goes towards site bandwidth.

Of course this site is online because of subscribers like you. Thanks to all of you for your generosity, loyalty and patience.