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When it comes to supplements, more bioavailability is better because the ingredients in the supplement products can be more rapidly absorbed by the body. Pure Craft CBD has demonstrated almost 90 percent absorbability because of the nanoparticles used in production, according to the company. Nanoparticles help keep CBD stable as it is consumed, so it is absorbed at a consistent concentration rate."What sets Pure Craft CBD apart from other companies is its dedication to purity," says founder and CEO Jason Navarrete."Pure Craft products are 90 percent bioavailable, where most [similar] companies offer products that are no more than 18 percent bioavailable. That’s why Pure Craft’s slogan is ‘Pure Till The Last Drop,’" he says.Pure Craft follows a "seed to sale," model.The company’s business starts in partnership with informed and educated cannabis farmers, and includes warehouses for the high-tech cultivation of cannabis, as well as manufacturing sites, distribution facilities, and retail outlets.Pure Craft CBD is derived from a single strain of cannabis and all the oil is processed in a single facility to help ensure consistent, predictable, effective products. Each batch of oil undergoes in-house and third party testing to ensure purity. In addition, all Pure Craft products come with third-party lab COAs (Certificates of Analysis) so consumers know exactly what they are getting.Pure Craft products contain no binders, fillers, dyes, or unknown substances. The current product line features 16 items including nanotized water-soluble soft gels and nanotized CBD-infused vegan gummies. In addition, a water-soluble nanotized CBD with melatonin is designed to help with sleep. Other products in the pipeline include a full line of nanotized water-soluble tinctures from 600 to 3,000 mg in flavors of peppermint, tropical, strawberry mojito, orange cream, blueberry, and vanilla.Visit purecraftcbd.com for more company details and product information.