Balanced Reality Report S1, Ep5

Amidst random electric outages, chaotic property managers, and calmly striving to make ends meet, I managed to research, and produce another installment of the Balanced Reality Report. Thanks go out to Content-Field Producer, Chris R, a beautiful kindred soul, and of course to all of you, the faithful audience members. Be sure to tell others and subscribe to the Youtube channel. It truly helps.

In this installment of the Balanced Reality Report…
  • North Carolina’s DA justifies murder by cop in Andrew Brown shooting
  • South Carolina’s Governor tells Death Row Inmate Pick your poison
  • Tulsa Race Massacre survivor tells U.S. congress, sorry won’t cut it.
  • Another virus is to goes is to go viral
  • The south shall rise again…from floodwater that is
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies take a big dip in the market
  • And Entertainment loses another one of its icons under strange circumstances…
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