Double Your Know-How Day

One of the main purposes of being, living, existing, and thriving is knowing. The more you know…the more you know, someone once said. OK, maybe I said it, but I’m sure someone in the long history of this world beamed that same sentiment, and it’s true. One motto that is uniquely stated however, is the PharohsHouse mission statement which is “time to know is now”.

Today, I bring you two uploads for you to freely download. One is a quick reference card, also called a cheat sheet, and the other is a book on optimizing your communications.

Gmail Quick Reference : this Gmail reference provides shortcuts, tips, and tricks for this popular email provider.Use thisGmail Cheat Sheet reference to brush up on the basics and to find alternative methods to your favorite commands. This printable quick reference is yours to use, distribute, and share with friends or colleagues!

One Minute Communication: learn the benefits of presenting your message in 1 minute, especially important as the attention span of people today is decreasing.

For today only,  you can download each publication directly, without having to register.  After today (5/16/21), registration will be required, but worry not because all the books in the community library are and will remain free to download.  Enjoy these reads and enjoy your Saturday.

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