IT Friday – Free Book Give-away

It’s IT Friday, and that means it’s also free e-book give-away day. Well so are most Sundays and Thursdays, but that’s beside the point. My great friends at IT pub have sent me this really useful Linux primer deal, titled Learn Linux Quickly. I think it’sLearn Linux Quickly perfect for anyone who wants to master this flexible Unix-based, open source operating system.  It’s crucial that all my readers realize that coding should be considered as necessary as learning a human language. We should all know at least 2 types of coding languages and 2 operating systems.

With Learn Linux Quickly, you’ll learn over 116 Linux commands to develop the skills you need to become a professional Linux system administrator.

Linux is one of the most sought-after skills in the IT industry, with jobs involving Linux being increasingly in demand. Linux is by far the most popular operating system deployed in both public and private clouds; it is the processing power behind the majority of IoT and embedded devices. Do you use a mobile device that runs on Android? Even Android is a Linux distribution.

This Linux book is a practical guide that lets you explore the power of the Linux command-line interface. Starting with the history of Linux, you’ll quickly progress to the Linux file system hierarchy and learn a variety of basic Linux commands. You’ll then understand how to make use of the extensive Linux documentation and help tools. The book shows you how to manage users and groups and takes you through the process of installing and managing software on Linux systems. As you advance, you’ll discover how you can interact with Linux processes and troubleshoot network problems before learning the art of writing bash scripts and automating administrative tasks with Cron jobs. In addition to this, you’ll get to create your own Linux commands and analyze various disk management techniques.

By the end of this book, you’ll have gained the Linux skills required to become an efficient Linux system administrator and be able to manage and work productively on Linux systems.

Download Learn Linux Quickly (free registration required)

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