Mind in Matter: Optimize Your Gut-Brain-Axis

The multi-purpose, multi-dimensional communications grid that operates between brain and distal areas of the human vessel or body has many names, like second brain, enteric nervous system (ENS), gut brain and gut-brain axis. This ethereal-corporeal communication network connects not just the Central Nervous Grid (CNG) to the G.I tract but also the Peripheral Nervous Grid (PNG), the respiratory grid, organ-specific cells, microbiota, and various strategic pathways. Allopathic medical science has yet to unfold the myriad of functions and limitless potential of the so-called gut-brain axis which is far more than just a bidirectional signaling network between the brain and gastrointestinal organs or G.I. tract. But before delving into my 3 main points, we’ll examine what this special brain-gut grid is plus how and why it has been deliberately shrouded in mystery by so-called advanced science. This article highlights just 3 accessible capabilities of the brain-gut grid: rapid cellular repair, tissue regeneration, and reparative dimensional access. 

A History of Suppressed Optimization

This world’s allopathic medical scientific complex adheres to a so-called Westernized (Caucasian-controlled), allopathic-militaristic system which suppresses holistically beneficial knowledge. War has been waged on aboriginal natural health modalities well before John D. Rockefeller established his deadly pharmaceutical-medical industrial complex as the primary worldwide health care system. Literally multiple milleniums before Caucasian-controlled allopathic medical systems acknowledged the gut-brain-axis, Aboriginal-traditional medicine had not only been cognizant of the so-called gut-brain connection but also considerate of its practical importance in sustaining overall optimum health. In the early 1930’s when vaccine campaigns became a heavily, endorsed, institutional norm in so-called caucasian-controlled countries, various toxins like methylmercury, formaldehyde and the preservative Thimerosal were introduced into bloodlines via vaccinations in order to impede homeostasis. Both the direct and residual effects of just these 3 toxins alone on aggregate health over the decades has shown exponential increases in various so-called diseases such as cancers and degenerative brain disorders. But vaccines are not the only sources for these and other metallic toxins; common pharmaceuticals, like opiates, eye ointments and nasal sprays also contain these toxic additives. Just how long has the medical industrial complex known about the so-called gut-brain? Well, allegedly, in the mid-1960s, allopathic medical researchers came up with the term “gut-brain axis” after discovering several peptides that occur both in the brain and gastrointestinal tract. (Farzi,, 2018). The historical connection suggests at best an inadvertent awareness by Caucasian-controlled medical science of the mind over somatic health connection. Awareness of the Placebo Effect was allegedly introduced to Caucasian medical practitioners in the late 18th century, when English physician John Haygarth exposed a typical snake oil charlatan. So-called psychosomatic disease was allegedly first recognized in the mid-20th century. The point is that it appears to be no accident that the medical industrial complex has had a history of suppressing aboriginal-traditional health care, including mind-over-vessel self health repair by pushing pseudo-scientific ideological programming and toxic pharmaceuticals. 

The 2nd Brain, the Will and Cell Repair

Optimal health allows us to readily communicate intent repair signals throughout our own vessel, connecting with receptors on or in various cells, and microbiota. But most do not realize this feature due to lack of knowhow, indoctrination, and chemically induced helplessness mainly through so-called food. However, we do perform mind-over-matter–make that mind-in-matter–regularly, in the sense that the delegator cells of the brain can manifest in various areas of the vessel or body and the brain simultaneously, where they perform periodic maintence and repair regardless of our intent. Yet despite the heavy programming, and disempowering chemical bombardment, reparative cellular communication is still available to the volition centers of the brain. Constant access to available cellular oxygen is a primary pathway to managing and monitoring brain-gut-axis communications.

According to researchers at the Cleveland Clinic, an Ohio-based, medical research facility and clinic, our bodies utilize 2 brains. What they found is that the lesser known nervous grid in our guts acts as a second brain where it communicates with the brain in our head. Together, “our two brains” play a key role in addre certain diseases in our bodies and overall health. Specialized cells help facilitate this communication network. So-called mainstream science refers to these facilitator cells as glial cells which perform their tasks within either the central nervous grid or the peripheral nervous grid. Those glial that perform tasks in distal (distant from source) areas of the vessel are referred to as “far-flung glia”. Whenever there is a homeostasis disruption, a need for maintenance or repair these glial cells are designed to incite action (nourish, protect,  or regulation rapidly.

Tissue Regeneration from Organic Virtual Energy

Neurons, synapses and axons dominate the focus of the so-called neurosciences as they are typically considered the most important components of both CNG and PNG. But often considered vastly unexplored are Glial cells (neuroglial cells) which are primarily found in your brain’s light matter. Glial cells could be considered the ultimate administrative assistants to the PNG and CNG as they not only support, nourish or protect but also provide virtual storage of thought information. Glial are located in various, strategic areas throughout your vessel. In a mature CNG (Central Nervous Grid) there are 3 types of glial: astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, and microglial. (Purves, D. Neuroscience 2nd. Ed.) In total there are allegedly 5 types of neuroglial cells, Schwann cells and ependymal cells being two not mentioned above. Glial cells play major roles within both the actual CNG and the so called brain consortium or gut-brain axis. For example, there are glial cells in the lungs that actively help process out the waste product carbon dioxide from the cells of the vessel.  I surmised decades ago that glia, especially glia of the PNG are transformative, meaning they can morph during an individual’s stages of brain development or during milestone episodes in an individual’s life, such as illnesses.

Regardless of a glial cell location or purposes, glia functions occur without actually conducting direct electrical current unlike most other cells within your vessel. Allegedly glia rely on the neutrality of glucose molecules which render an electrogenic transport process between cells. Astrocytes, for example, are glial of the CNG. They support intercellular communications plus other vital operations such as metabolic support. Astrocytes also outnumber neurons. In general, glial cells are key components in the brain-gut axis mainly because the human vessel is designed for communicating nonstop, as a portal for interrelated energies. These non-stop communications between strategically active glia, actually manifests an organic energy no less vital than cellular ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate, the intracellular, energy transporting molecule) generation. Glial-induced energy is influenced by input factors such as stress, emotional stimuli and trauma. If stress and trauma can impact Glial-generated energy so can reparative, directed focus, positive intent and calmness via any targeted organ or organs. For example so-called far-flung glia can not only facilitate communications across all organs, they are also capable of specializing themselves in order to support the function of the neurons wherever needed (or willed) for overall organ health, for instance, glia help regulate the heart’s beating, and can they can be influenced to enrich and replenish essential energy for nerve signal transmission thereby helping to prevent many common heart disorders. Glia in the spleen reside right between nerve cells and immune cells so that they can buffer or interpret received stress signals which directly impact overall health.

Emotions, Stress, Dreams and Dimensional Access

Brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) such as serotonin, endorphins, glutamate plus GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), noradrenaline and dopamine perform one major function when it comes to influencing the Enteric Nervous Grid (ENG) or brain-gut axis. Serotonin, which arises in the gut, and is masculine in energetic principle, initiates pathways between the symbiotic worlds of microbiota, axons, dendrites and receptors within the limbic grid of the so-called brain. Artificial stimuli resulting from various influences such as excess calcium, electro-magnetic frequencies, disrupt the organic serotonin flow. Nightmares, depression, hyper-sexualized sensations, moodiness, can occur as a result of these disruptions. The synaptic end result to serotonin disruption is a chain reaction that incurs any or all of the following:

  • oxidative stress,
  • lower levels of nitric oxide (NO) essential for neuron functionality,
  • less essential metabolites like agmatine,
  • less serotonin inside brain cells,
  • reduction of the fear-reducing amino acid GABA,
  • and insufficient melatonin levels for gut-dream neurotransmitters

Dream voiding is a common symptom of serotonin pathway disruption. People who say that they do not dream or that they cannot recall any dreams experience dream voiding often due to the aforementioned chemical disruptions. Stress is a major disruptor in the so-called symbiotic union between the gut (including the world of gut flora) and your intent signals. Neurotransmitter disruptions affect your will. When this occurs, your will is not done within. Cell repair (healing) is stifled. Mentally, indecisiveness, clouded judgment, memory loss and confusion happen with more frequency, all stemming from disrupted serotonin.

Optimize Connections

Serotonin, a monoamine neurotransmitter (and hormone) also known as 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) and GABA are the will / intent neurotransmitters. These chemicals carry both direct and indirect intent coding via glial cells. For example, when you exercise, give or receive affection, endorphins are released by hypothalamus, pituitary while the gut releases serotonin. Glial cells, mainly astrocytes, facilitate the transport, uptake-reuptake of hormones like serotonin and transfer the intelligent energy of intent through that electrogenic transport process mentioned earlier. While exercising, or receiving (or giving) that affection, you are able to direct your intent to target areas of your vessel, and in order for your focused intent or will to directly affect intended targets, Nitric Oxide (NO) is utilized. To produce NO, your vessel uses a conditionally essential amino acid / neurotransmitter called L-Arginine and its co-released metabolite, Agmatine. L-Arginine is classified as a conditionally essential amino acid/neurotransmitter because it’s produced by the vessel but not under certain conditions (like during infancy or severe sickness). Nitric oxide is a cellular messenger. NO helps increase red blood cell flow, promotes cellular debris removal, stimulates the immune response grid, and along with other messenger chemicals works with the neutral glial cells to rapidly convey signals.

Serotonin, GABA and other neurotransmitters arise from the gut, traveling to the brain through a vital connection called the Vagus nerve (CN-X or Cranial Nerve 10). As your vessel’s longest nerve (conduit), the vagus emerges directly from the brain stem then courses through neck, chest and abdomen. Both Serotonin and GABA act as mediator-modulators, regulating the signal transport grid of the CNG, but also the PNG through GABA receptors. Insufficient GABA affects mental clarity, decision-making, and mood balance.

The Keys to the Kingdom

The keys to optimizing how you communicate intent starts with respecting the hierarchy which is evidenced by our design as man and humans. The Originator-Creator is all. The will manifests within all existence as do the laws which generate all form and format, like our protected (sacred) geometry. When you realize this exemplification, optimize signal reception based on your predesigned hierarchy within. Through the wondrous grids (CNG, PNG, ENG) and amazing, distal units known as glial cells, your brain exists in every iota of your vessel. Intelligent logical intent can be experienced per your clear focus on any target you endeavor to know, comfort, or repair. The key to true progress with intent-based self repair healing arts resides in holistic research, not for the purposes of making android implants but for true evolution of what Originator-Creator willed us to be.

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