New Book, Takes on Sugar, Targets Better Health

(NewsUSA) People across the globe are consuming more sugar than ever. The fallout of this worldwide added, processed, and refined sugar addiction comes at a very high price — our health. Brad Woodgate, self-made serial entrepreneur and nutrition industry expert, is taking on sugar with his first book: “No Sugar in Me,” which was just published earlier this month.America“Sugar consumption is out of control and has become a health concern for everyone — it’s addictive and completely detrimental to our health,” says Woodgate, CEO and Founder of No Sugar Company. “This book is my effort to help people struggling with their sugar dependency. In my 21 years in the health and nutrition industry, I’ve never seen anything worse than refined sugar.”Over the years, the author has turned a $30,000 investment into over $1 billion in sales. Having launched several successful companies over the past 21 years in the health and wellness space, he has managed over 500 employees, launched over 700 products, and distributed to more than 50 countries.

Through all of this, he has learned what works in this space and what doesn’t. Brad helped many people and celebrities reach their wellness goals. In 2015, based on his own health concerns, Brad took a very strong interest in the effects of refined sugar on our health. This led to the establishment of the No Sugar Company in early 2019, which has quickly disrupted the global food industry and is now one of the fastest growing food companies in North America.”No Sugar in Me” isn’t an all-or-nothing detox or a quick-fix diet. This book is about changing your lifestyle through eliminating refined sugar from your diet and embracing better nutrition to gain better health. In his debut book, Woodgate details what sugar really does to your body, how it is hidden in the foods you eat every day, and the cold hard truth about refined sugars.

Woodgate also arms readers with important and shocking information, like how some 72 different terms can refer to sugar in our food, and how to watch out for them. Big culprits include: No Fat Yogurt (often loaded in sugar) and bread.”Refined sugars are like the modern-day cigarette — their negative effects are finally being publicized, and it’s only a matter of time before they become regulated,” says Woodgate. “But until then, consumers can take the power into their own hands by saying no to refined sugars. I feel strongly that the “No Sugar in Me” lifestyle will be one of the biggest health movements to date.”

crush cravings for processed sweetsAlso included are simple, but delicious, No Sugar Food Swaps, a special section on how to crush cravings and how to bring your kids into the no sugar lifestyle with you. If Woodgate has his way, we’ll start to scroll down the nutritional labels past the Fat content on our food to see what sugars are hiding in plain sight.Interested in “No Sugar in Me?” CLICK HERE FOR A FREE E-BOOK.
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