The Birth Certificate: Rebutting and Authenticating

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What comes to mind when you read the word, “craft”? Do you think of arts and crafts, watercraft, or perhaps witchcraft? You probably didn’t think of legalese. Legalese, the language of jurisprudence, contracts, edicts, and proclamations, etc. is not usually associated with craft, but it is a craft.  Legalese is the language used by jurats, magistrates and learned clergy. We find legalese in all legal documents from statutes, to all registered declarations such as birth certificates and marriage licenses. The focus of this article is on how you can rebut the wordcraft used to bind you into a presumed, walking zombie status.

Authentication and Rebuttal of Presumption
Presumably you are a living, breathing soul not chattel in a system of marketable goods. However, your birth certificate designates you as chattel, and since chattel refers to all personal property, the question becomes who owns you if you don’t? Put that question aside for a moment and ponder this: did you know or realize that a birth certificate is devised to place you in perpetual chattel bondage? Legalese or wordcraft is practiced as the temporal-textual tool used to manifest your bondage. By the way legalese is a craft studied by the likes of court magistrates (so-called judges), Catholic clergy (above the bishop level), Jesuit generals, Jesuit provincials, rabbis, rabbi-rishons, attorneys, canon lawyers, upper grade masons, many PhD level academics especially in psychology, and those tenured museum curators of “sensitive” collections, just to name a few. Our lives and destinies are altered by wordcraft that these as well as other wordsmiths embed on paper.

When we enter market (euphemistically called the matrix), we deal with a variety of lower level paid minions who willingly allow their jobs to coerce them into upholding or enforcing the wordcraft spelled out in so-called official documents and forms, such as birth certificates.  At least one or both of your conduits, aka parents, submits their signatures (seals) on a certificate of abandonment, aka birth certificate.

The process of authenticating for the record some astute thinkers consider just the first step in a larger series of processes, or out-processing, from so-called imperial bondage. Deeper thinkers expound even further, contending that these steps to autonomy are both physical and spiritual. Wisdom would agree with the deeper thinkers. The purpose of this process addresses the tangible and ideological realities that frame our daily activities, from travel, trade, bloodline status, to declaration of living existence.

The following downloadable documents require login (or sign-up then login) to PharohsHouse.com. Read every document for accuracy. Precision is vital in order to effectively complete this live birth authentication process:

Living in Private (read this before doing process in #2 64 page booklet first)

Who Owns You – (File Name, BC Auth Doc) Authentication Process

Affidavit of Ownership (General) Attach to documents from step #2

Affidavit of Ownership (For Aboriginal Americans Only) Attach to docs from #2

Authentication Cover Letter (Attach to entire package)

(Download all 5 documents here)

The Wordcraft of C’est Que Vie Trust
In every nation, each original birth certificate is allegedly sent to be kept on file at either a grand registry or a hall of vital statistics. The named property on said bonds are deemed lost souls, claimed as abandoned personal property according to so-called temporal law. Right of dominion over souls that have been relegated to abandoned-lost property status are bound by presumption as non-living commerce. The alleged right to instill this grid over this world is spelled out in a papal edict called Unam Sanctum and also alluded to in the Doctrine of Two Swords. The Unam Sanctum edict in essence declares the pope’s dominion over both temporal and spiritual affairs equally (church and state). Under the Doctrine of Two Swords the pope retains power over both swords; he can both bestow or take away authority to or from rulers and governments within the body politic. Within each man, woman and child exists soul and body, the vessel. The pineal or seat of self-governance and the liver is the connection to the corporeal. Under Canon law these organs (plus their associated-connected parts) symbolically become titled property in a Cestui Que Vie trust when signatories (mainly a mother) declare (with her signature) that the child is abandoned, chattel. Chattel is not alive. It is personal property.

After the Breakdown
As you can tell, this is a binding spell of sorts. The wordcraft for the birth certificate like all spells (and contracts) are not bound in perpetuity. There are ways to rebut, rescind and opt-out, but these methods require participant actions, often on a periodic or cyclic basis, such as every 7, 10, 50, etc years. When you are party to an agreement by presumption, as in the case of a birth certificate–it is presumed you agree that you are abandoned property by default–you are obligated for autonomy sake to expressly rebut any presumptions, in writing. Right now you can access documents online that contain the exact wordcraft required to undo or unbind. Ninety-nine percent of these documents can be downloaded or copied for free, but it is vital that you get a clear knowledge of any power-words used in said documents. Wordcraft is but one of the crafts used for controlling and manipulating destinies. You do not have to spend your life becoming a so-called wordsmith, but you should make it your personal aim to realize autonomy in body and soul plus spirit.

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